Mission Statement

The Colorado Catholic Conference, a united voice of the Catholic bishops of Colorado, speaks on public policy issues.  Basing its mission on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as particularly expressed in Catholic social teaching and the consistent life ethic, the Conference acts cooperatively to insure a dignified and productive life for people of all ages and ethnic groups and provides opportunities for Catholics in Colorado to carry out their responsibility to participate in political life.

The Conference is characterized by the 3-pronged approach of education, advocacy and the development of lay leadership regarding public policy issues.

The Conference works with other religious and secular groups in promoting the common good of the people of Colorado in areas such as: education, poverty, family life, abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia, social services, conscience protection, health care, criminal justice, and religious liberty.  Through advocacy and service, the Colorado Catholic Conference serves its Gospel-mandated mission of justice with a dedication to integrity and excellence.

About Us

The Colorado Catholic Conference interacts with the state legislature, U S Congress and elected officials at all levels in numerous ways. Through the www.usccb.org the Conference is involved in issues at the national level.

The Colorado Catholic Conference provides information to the USCCB and the USCCB to the Colorado Catholic Conference on a regular basis. ( Click here to join the network ).

One of the most important functions of the Colorado Catholic Conference is its legislature contact at the state level. The key to this contact is our legislative network ( Click here to join the network ). Join our network and become informed as well as how you can influence public policy.

The Gospel of Life and Catholic Social Teaching are essential to understanding the Churches positions and goals. Join the Faithful Citizenship Campaign and become an informed Catholic.( Click here to join the network )